Company NewsSolar just got smarter. And prettier.

July 7, 2015

Roses are red, solar panels are blue. The way to a gal’s heart is through a solar flower that’s new.

Ok, I admit I’m no poet, that’s clear. I am however, totally smitten with the incredibly poetic design of the SmartFlower from Austria.

With around 40% more output than your average home rooftop solar system due to its innovative design; smart sun tracking, smart cleaning and smart cooling (not to mention a pretty smart design) this all-in-one solar system is as easy as plug-and-play.

The SmartFlower POP brings solar mobility, flexibility and design to the residential market in a whole new way – bolt it to the ground, plug it in and within an hour your energy is flowing! The beautiful design mimics a real flower, opening with the sun light and following the rays throughout the day. The system’s solar fan moves horizontally and vertically with the sun’s position – keeping at an optimal 90 degree angle…even when it’s cloudy.

But wait until you see the demo on the website showing how the SmartFlower’s petals open during the day and fold away neatly at night when the sun retires or a wild storm hits…design so intuitive even Mother Nature would be proud! Check it out here – if you’re anything like me you’ll be playing around with functionality and colour scheme for ages https://www.smartflower.com/en.

Each of these solar systems produces enough electricity to power the average home in Europe and I don’t reckon I’m the only one who’d love to see it on Aussie shores – definitely a nice change from the price slashing competitiveness that we’re used to in the resi solar market.

Just as Tesla has made batteries and EVs oh-so-desirable, so too are companies like this one behind the SmartFlower doing their bit to sexy-up the solar industry. Yep, they’ve won my heart! SGx