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PV Intelligent Monitoring System

It is one of the few companies in China that can provide complete product solutions and services from data acquisition hardware, remote visual management to massive data intelligence analysis.
Software, hardware and data analysis system solutions
Can be compatible with mainstream inverters currently on the market, External plug-in mounting
Intelligent diagnosis and data analysis based on expert system
Visual operation, the chart is clear and intuitive.

Full visibility of your system's technical and more!


PV station Intelligent Management Platform Solutions

Generation Statistic
Station ranking
Station status
Environmental contribution
Inverter Status
Real-time power
Fault Alarm

Power plant O&M reports

  1. Asset status and value assessment
  2. Operational data and efficiency analysis
  3. Provide rectification advice on the problems found

Regularly generate power plant operation reports, comprehensively analyse the power plant assets status and power generation efficiency status, and provide O&M and optimization and rectification measures.


Plant Analysis

By comparing the actual and predicted power generation values, the alarm is given when the power plant PR efficiency is lower than the set value, thereby prompting the module cleaning time or troubleshooting, improving the O&M efficiency.

System design

The power station design system mainly includes position radiation calculation, cable selection calculation, tilt angle and azimuth calculation, loss analysis, revenue and power generation estimation, loan calculation, and string design. Match, design reports, etc.

The power station is designed as a practical platform, which is convenient for users to carry out power
station estimation calculation and equipment selection. The platform helps you make one-click
calculations and match matching to get the best out of your money.