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The Most Innovative And Valuable Tracker On The Earth

CDS SOLAR has engineered the most innovative and valuable tracking technology available the HZ-SCTM self-cleaning tracker. Our mission is bring more solar energy to the world.

HZ-SCTM  tracker bring self-cleaning and dust-proof function to reduce the O&M cost up to 50%. With a minimalist design and highly configurable, independent rows, HZ-SCTM  tracker improves reliability and design flexibility while lowering O&M costs. We believe value is more than the cost of a tracking system. It’s about building with forgiving tolerances and fewer parts so construction crews can work efficiently. It means protecting your investment with a failure-free wind management system. But most of all, value is measured in annual income, saving money means increased income. Only we can save the cost of cleaning PV modules.

The HZ-SCTM self-cleaning tracker can let the PV module face down when the sun goes down. In this position, under the action of wind and gravity, the dust fall off from the surface of PV module. The HZ-SCTM can keep PV module clean for a long time.
The Dustproof function can reduce cleaning times by half at least. In the night, the dustproof function can let PV module face down, in this position, the dusts doesn’t affect PV module anymore. It can reduce O&M costs by up to 50%.
Electrical and mechanical co-optimization is possible in any project. The HZ-SCTM self-cleaning tracker design can be adapted to client’s needs and local regulation as per project’s requirements. Installation training and comissioning services can be provided.
The HZ-SCTM self-cleaning tracker was a minimalist design, independent rows, self-cleaning function and dustproof function that contribute to the lowest long-term O&M costs for our clients.

Dust Seriously Affects The Earning Of PV Power Plants

Reduce Solar Radiation On The Surface Of PV Modules

Dust accumulation on the surface of PV module can reduce the transmittance of glass and therefore reduce solar radiation on the PV module. The less solar radiation, the less energy output of PV power plants.

Reduce Power Of The PV Module

Dust can reduce the effective area of PV module and cause solar radiation uneven on the surface of the PV modules reducing the power of PV module. The less power of the PV module, the less power of PV power plants.

Greatly Increase O&M Cost Of PV Power Plants

Clean the dust on the surface of PV module is a time-consuming process. Dust will greatly reduces the power of PV plants , if you want higher revenue, you should clean PV module frequently. This will greatly increase O&M cost of PV power plants.

Self-cleaning Tracker


HZ-SCTM Can Increase Energy Output By 5%

HZ-SCTM tracker has a high precision angle sensor. The tracking precision is up to 0.2 degrees, it can increase by 5% energy output per year compared to conventional trackers with 1 degree tracking precision.

HZ-SCTM Tracker Can Reduce O&m Cost Up To 50%

HZ-SCTM tracker has self-cleaning and dust-proof functions. It can keep the surface of PV modules clean for a long time and reduce cleaning times PV modules. When the sun goes down, the tracker will go to dust-proof position which means the PV module will face down. The PV module is not affected by dust at least half the time of the year. The PV power plant will reduce by a half the time for cleaning PV modules.



The innovative HZ-SCTM tracker is so flexible that it can be built almost anywhere. While linked row systems need to pay more attention to both north-south and east-west slopes, HZ-SCTM tracker offers complete freedom in east-west slopes tolerance. In the north-south direction, HZ-SCTM tracker  unique design accommodates a generous 18% (10°) grade.


HZ-SCTM tracker efficient structural design uses less steel than conventional trackers, with fewer parts and quicker installation. You won’t need drive shafts or extra cabling to power the tracker, speeding the process up even further. HZ-SCTM tracker B type is self-grounded, so you won’t have to pay costs and labor for installing grounding washers, braided straps, bare copper wire, and grounding rods. Furthermore, zero welding is required. Once installed, the tracker is easy to service. Because the row are not linked with a drive shaft, maintenance vehicles can drive through the arrays freely. Plus, module cleaning and vegetation management becomes quick and effortless.

Tracker Parameters
Tracking Technology Horizontal single-axis self-cleaning tracker with back-tracking
Tracking Range 90°(±45° ) , 120°(±60° )
Drive System One slew gear, 24VDC motor
DC Capacity 76/80 panels, DC Power depending on module power.
System Voltage 1,000 Volt or 1,500 Volt(optional)
Safety Stowing Automated wind and snow stowing
Maximum Wind Speed Up to 140mph in stow position
Principal Materials Galvanized and stainless steel
Compliance Standards IEC 62548, UL3703
Typical Dimensions Height 0.8~1.2 m, Width 2 m, Length 80~90 m
Module Grounding Integrated grounding to foundation pier.
Ground Coverage Ratio From 33% to 50%
Communications Modbus RTU / RS485
Power Supply & Consumption 230VAC & 12kWh/year
System Overview
Installation Method Rapid field installation of pre-manufactured components.
Motor and Slew Drive Fully sealed, Lubricated for life. No annual maintenance
Module Attachment Shared mounting rails with integrated module grounding
Structural Connections Full bolts, No welding required
Scheduled Maintenance Limited to annual inspection
Array Bearings Self-lubricated / maintenance free polymer bearings
Tracker Control System 1 controller, 1 DC motor and 1 slew drive per tracker row
Solar Tracking Method Astronomical GPS based algorithm with angle sensor
SCADA Interface Dedicated tracker system SCADA with RS485 on dedicated industrial computer


Exemplary customer service is tightly woven into CDS SOLAR company’s DNA. We have 10 years of experience with boots on the ground, and we know bow to best help you speed installation, lower project costs, insure proper maintenance, and answer every question you might have. We’ve got you covered with our on-site tech advisors. Customer service is value – one that we’ve always carried in our DNA, and always will.

Service & Warranty
Comprehensive Warranty 10 years on structural components, 5 years on drive and control systems.

Extend terms available.

Design Service Site Plan, Layout, Topography Review
On-Site Tech Advisors Standard